What Dogs Are Hypoallergenic in Crown Point, IN?

hypoallergenic dogs crown point in

Pet allergies are common in humans, with approximately 20% of the US population being allergic to dogs. Their symptoms can range from a mild stuffy nose to a severe break out of hives. However, for dog lovers who also happen to be allergic to dogs, there are breeds out there that may cause less severe…

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6 Things to Know About Giardia in Dogs in Crown Point, IN

dog giardia crown point, in

Has your dog been diagnosed with Giardia, or do you think they might have this condition? If so, you may have many questions about Giardia and want to know more about what this means for your pet in Crown Point, IN. In the article below, you’ll find information about what Giardia is and what it…

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Dog Teeth Cleaning: 5 Reasons Why It’s Important

Have you ever thought about taking your dog to the vet for a teeth cleaning? Did you know you should? Are you unsure as to whether or not it’s really necessary to take care of your dog’s teeth? Although pet owners of the past might have neglected their dogs’ dental health needs, it’s becoming more…

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