Should I Get a DNA Test for My Dog in Crown Point, IN?

dog dna test crown point, in

As technology advances, all kinds of new and exciting innovations flood into the market. The dog DNA test is a prime example, and now many pet owners are purchasing DNA tests to find out what breed their pets really are.

While these DNA tests are not 100 percent accurate, steps are being taken to improve their accuracy. But is it really worth it to do a DNA test for your dog in Crown Point, IN? Find out by reading our Crown Point, IN, animal hospital‘s blog post below.

What Are DNA Tests for Dogs?

Dog DNA testing kits are similar to the popular ancestry DNA kits that we humans use. They can even (supposedly) help you determine your pet’s geographic origin, and discover fascinating insights about their coat, body size, color, and other traits.

The kits use DNA from the saliva, hair, or blood to find out which dog breeds make up your pet. In addition to being able to determine the different breed percentages in your pet’s DNA, the test can also detect different health and genetic traits. The tests take about 3-4 weeks to process, depending on the company you use for testing.

Why Do Dogs Have Their DNA Tested?

There are various reasons to test your dog’s DNA. The most common reason is to find out which breed, or breeds, comprise your pet, and to see if any congenital health issues come with them.

Additionally, professional dog breeders may run DNA tests on their dogs to ensure their clients are adopting fully purebred animals, with minimal health risks. DNA testing also plays a role in ensuring high breeding standards.

Shelter dogs, on the other hand, are often mysteries. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful companions, as good as any purebred. But for some curious pet owners, it’s interesting to try to unravel the riddle of their pets’ origins and get answers to questions about their background, behaviors, and appearance.  

running through fieldTypes of DNA Testing

Below are three common types of dog DNA testing, with explanations on what they tell us about our adorable pups:

Ancestry DNA

Usually, dog owners that have adopted dogs will grab an ancestry test to find out exactly what breeds are mixed into their dog. This could be due to simple curiosity, for owners of mixed breed dogs, or to verify the purity of a dog’s bloodline.


Genetics is possibly the most important type of DNA testing on this list. For some purebreds, there are certain genes that can make a dog’s life more challenging.

An obvious example is the genetic predisposition for hip dysplasia, which German Shepherds possess. While this predisposition is well-known in German Shepherds and other large dog breeds, such as Great Danes and Labrador Retrievers, it is not necessarily inevitable. But being aware of this predisposition can help you and your vet work together to minimize its effects on your dog, should the early signs of dysplasia become apparent.


Some dog DNA testing kits come with a traits test. With this test, the DNA is analyzed for genes that can tell you some interesting things about your dog’s physical appearance, behaviors, and personality. This aspect of DNA testing may help you understand why your dog sheds so much, or why they grew to be so much larger than you expected.   

How to Look for the Best Dog DNA Kit

It takes time, patience, and a budget to find the best dog DNA kit for you and your canine companion. First, you should know exactly for what purpose you are getting the test. Some companies are better at determining ancestry than genetic predispositions, and vice versa. Make sure you select the best option for your needs.

Once you understand what kind of test you need, you can look for a price point and read the reviews. It is important to look for reviews with photos and videos attached. These are more genuine and can give you a better idea of the quality of the kit and the end results.

Talk to Our Crown Point, IN, Vets About Dog DNA Testing

If you are interested in DNA testing for your dog, be sure to do some research before making a purchase. We also recommend talking with our veterinary team in Crown Point, IN, if you have any questions or concerns about the efficacy of dog DNA testing. This is especially important if you are a licensed dog breeder. Not all tests are reliable, and not all companies (or their products) are legitimate.

Dog DNA tests are incredibly popular, and will continue to evolve as expectations increase. Whether you want to take a dog DNA test to find your dog’s breed (or breeds), screen their traits, or determine their genetic predisposition for certain health conditions, there are lots of tests to choose from. 

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