The Best Dog Parks Near Crown Point, IN

dog parks crown point, in

Crown Point, IN, is a town of dog lovers and owners, and there are plenty of dog parks in the area to choose from if your pup loves socializing, being outdoors, and getting their exercise!

What are Dog Parks?

Dog parks are more than just parks for dogs. They are fenced-in spaces that give pups lots of room to run around and burn off energy, and they have rules and requirements to ensure the safety and health of all dog park guests (both canine and human).

Another notable characteristic of dog parks is that many are separated into sections, so small dogs can play with other small dogs and large dogs can stick to their own group. This helps to ensure safety for smaller dogs, who can be easily overwhelmed by large dogs.

Furthermore, not all dog parks look the same. Some are smaller and don’t have obstacles, while others have structures that dogs can jump on, climb, or crawl under.   

The Benefits of Dog Parks

Dog parks offer an abundance of benefits for pets and their humans. They are a wonderful option for households that may not have enough yard space for their dogs to get sufficient exercise, and they are also a great place for people and dogs to congregate and get to know each other. Dogs are just as social as humans, so interaction is important for them!

Socialization and exercise are both extremely important to your dog’s health and well-being. Going to the dog park regularly helps them burn energy, build and maintain good muscle mass, prevent weight gain, and keep their joints limber. Socializing with other dogs helps your pup make friends and find their place in the pack. It is also a great way to teach your dog good behaviors and make public outings less stressful for them. With proper socialization and experience of new scents, sights, and sounds, your dog can develop a personality that is more confident and easy-going.

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Top 5 Best Dog Parks Near Crown Point, IN

There are two main dog parks located within Crown Point, and several located just outside of town, so you won’t have to travel far. These include:

1. Dogwood Run at Lemon Lake County Park

One of the most popular options for Crown Point residents with happy dogs is the Dogwood Run at Lemon Lake County Park. This large park has a fenced-in area where your pup can run and play off-leash. Dogwood Run has obstacle courses, comfortable seating for humans, and plenty of shade.

2. Woodland Park Dog Park

Located in nearby Portage, IN, Woodland Park dog park is a grassy, fenced-in park where your pup can romp around, relax, and enjoy themselves. There is high traffic in this dog park, meaning plenty of opportunities to socialize and make friends! Just make sure your dog is on his best behavior, and keep him leashed if you have any reservations about how he’ll get along with others.

3. Freedom Bark Park

Freedom Bark Park is in Lowell, IN, which just a short drive away from Crown Point. One thing that sets this dog park apart is that it requires an annual membership. Freedom Bark Park has tunnels, a spot to dig, and more to keep your canine occupied.

4. Crown Point Dog Park

Located on Merrillville and Center Ross Roads, Crown Point’s dog park is a spacious area for your dogs to roam and play. You do need to place an applications with PACE, located at Bulldog Park, in order to use the dog park. 

What to Bring to the Dog Park

It’s important to be prepared for your trip to the dog park, but fortunately, you won’t need to bring much for your pet to enjoy themselves!

A Sturdy Leash

The most important item to bring with your pup is their leash. Even if the dog park you’re visiting has a fenced-in zone where your dog can run freely, a leash helps you keep your dog under control if they tend to get excited and are not fully trained around other dogs. Furthermore, if you sense tension between your dog and another dog, having your pet leashed makes it easier to remove them safely from the situation.

Water Bowl

Another item you can bring is a portable water bowl. Some dog parks have drinking fountains installed, but if not, make sure to bring a bottle of water or two! Hydration is always important, even if the weather is a little cooler.


A collar with up-to-date ID tags is another must-have when you visit the dog park. While it’s rare for dogs to escape the dog park, it is always better to be safe than sorry! All it takes is an improperly-closed park gate for them to slip out and bolt. Make sure your pup is wearing their collar at all times, so in the rare event that they do run off, it will be easier for a good Samaritan to return them directly to you.

Waste Bags

Some dog parks are equipped with little stations containing poop bags, but these are not a guarantee. We recommend bringing along a handful of poop bags to clean up after your dog just in case. It keeps the dog park clean and enjoyable for everyone!

If you have any questions about visiting the dog park with your pet or want to make sure they’re up-to-date with their vaccinations, reach out to our Crown Point, IN, animal hospital at (219) 267-1700!

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