Benefits of Dog Daycare in Crown Point, IN

Are you thinking of enrolling your dog in a doggie daycare? Do you find yourself wondering whether or not this is really a good idea? Do you want to know more about why some people might choose to place their dogs in daycare rather than leaving them at home during the day?

Dog daycare is a popular choice among pet owners. Dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds, and personality types go to doggie daycare, and these types of facilities are becoming more and more popular around the United States and the rest of the world, too. Dog daycares provide tons of benefits for the dog as well as for you, so it’s important to consider them as a possibility if you’re looking for daily care for your furry friend.

benefits of dog daycare


Exercise and Stimulation

When you go to work during the day and leave your dog at home, he likely spends most of the day sleeping. He may get up and move around a little bit, but he isn’t getting any exercise with no one there to play with him. At dog daycare, however, he will be exercised as part of the daily routine. He will be allowed to play and run around with other dogs, and if he’s shy or a bit lazy, he may be encouraged to enjoy some one-on-one active time with an employee instead. No matter what, he will be exercised, and that’s great for his physical health.

On the other hand, when you go away for the day, some dogs take that as their chance to get into any mischief they can find in your home. They may chew up shoes, knock over décor, tear up furniture, urinate on the floor, scratch doorways, and more. Some dogs will do almost anything when left alone, and this is a sign that they’re under-stimulated. When your dog goes to doggie daycare, he will have plenty of stimulation and will never be left completely to his own devices. He will be watched carefully and will have lots of chances to play and blow off some steam, too.


Safety and Security

Leaving your dog alone at home for any length of time is taking a gamble that all will be well while you’re gone. Younger dogs may be much more prone to getting into trouble while no one is at home, and sometimes, this can be dangerous for them. When you leave your dog at daycare, however, you don’t have to worry about what he’s doing during the day. You know where he is, and you know someone is watching him. This can help you relax more and focus on your day, too.

Older dogs may develop health problems and need to be watched more closely in their later years, too. If your dog is older and needs frequent medication, requires more potty breaks, or has a medical issue while no one is at home, doggie daycare services can help. Just be sure to be completely open and honest with the daycare about any health problems your dog may have, and bring enough medication for him each day , as well.


Socialization and Learning

Dogs who don’t have much interaction with other dogs or humans during their everyday lives can benefit significantly from going to doggie daycare. Regular trips to dog daycare ensure your dog will be exposed to other dogs and learn how to get along with them better. He will start to understand fellow dogs and their body language more easily, and he’ll likely open up and start playing with them too. The same is true of humans; your dog will be exposed to human employees and will learn how to get along with and play with them more easily as well.

Your dog will also be able to learn a lot while he’s at daycare. Although he won’t learn the same way humans learn when they go to daycare, he’ll still receive lessons that help him learn to fit in better with groups of other dogs. Whether he’s still a puppy or he’s a fully-grown dog, he can grow and develop in this way. You may notice better behavior from him in many aspects of his life when he has regular exposure to other dogs and learns how to interact with them correctly through doggie daycare.


Separation Anxiety

Last but not least, many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. When you leave home, it’s normal for your dog to be a little sad or upset, but he should still be able to function normally without someone there with him at all times. Dogs with separation anxiety, however, become extremely restless and unhappy when left alone. They may pace, whine, urinate or defecate on the floor, and show other behavioral signs that they’re upset. Some dogs have such severe separation anxiety they have to take human antidepressants (prescribed by a vet) to deal with it.

However, if you take your dog to doggie daycare, he may slowly learn to cope with his separation anxiety. Although it may take some time for him to conquer it, having doggie daycare to look forward to can make a huge difference in his mental and emotional health and wellbeing. He may even soon come to look forward to the times when you go away for the day, because it means he’ll get to go play and have fun for a few hours!

Do you feel like dog daycare might be right for you? If so, feel free to call us at (219) 267-1700 to learn more about our dog daycare services.

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