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Cat & Dog Grooming: Keeping Pets Healthy Inside & Out

Good hygiene and good health go hand in hand. At Coyne Veterinary Center, we believe in providing for our patients in every possible way which is why we offer a wide variety of cat and dog grooming services to promote healthier hygiene habits during your pets day at the spa!

Grooming, nail, and ear maintenance are not just cosmetic. Did you know that regular grooming helps your pet maintain temperature regulation and aerates their coat which ensures healthy growth and evenly distributes natural oils? Excess fur makes it much harder to cool down and could be concealing underlying problems like dry or dead skin, grease, parasites, or a fungal infection. Cleaning and trimming nails and ears also help keep unwanted bacteria and infections away. Cat and dog grooming (along with regular exams, vaccinations, and diagnostics) is a key part of maintaining optimal health for your furry friend.

Our Professional Grooming Services

Your pet's coat, ears, and nails will receive the care they deserve during their day at the spa with one of our professional groomers.

Our standard cat and dog grooming package includes:

  • Bathing
  • Fur Trim/Haircut
  • Brush & Blowdry
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression (upon request)

We also offer a la carte options to add to your pet’s day at the spa for some extra pampering! A La Carte options include:

  • Mud Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Nail Polish
  • Nail Filing
  • Teeth Brushing
  • De-Shedding Treatment
  • Premium Shampoo or Conditioner
  • Moisturizing Paw and Nose Cream
  • Pawdicure
  • Monthly Specials
  • Birthday Specials (Blueberry facial, teeth brushing, mud butter, pawdicure, a birthday photo, a birthday bandana, and a pup-cup treat.)

*Pricing will vary depending on the size of the dog.*

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CLICK HERE or call us at (219) 267-1700

All grooming reservations require a $30 deposit. The deposit will be applied to the final cost of your grooming appointment. Deposits are refundable if the appointment is canceled at least 5 business days prior to the reservation date. Pricing for grooming varies by breed and coat condition.

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Before Your Pet's Grooming Appointment

To help maintain a safe and healthy grooming environment for all, your pet should be up to date on the following vaccines and test(s).

  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHP)
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • Canine influenza – H3N2 and H3N8 strains
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months
  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP)
  • 6-month Bordetella
  • Negative fecal sample in last 12 months, or up-to-date on annual deworming


Taking time to brush your pet in between grooming appointments can help promote a strong bond between the two of you. Regular brushing also helps prevent matting and tangles. Long-haired animals typically need to be brushed daily while animals with short-hair may only need it monthly. Talk to one of our professional pet stylists about what brushes are best for your pet to use at home!

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New to grooming? Don’t worry! Here are some tips from the pros:

  • Choose a time when you are both relaxed. Laying on the couch together or after a long (and tiring) walk are great options to begin brushing your furry friend!
  • Start with short 5-10 minute sessions
  • Give lots of praise, treats, and pets for any good behavior
  • Try to get your pet used to being touched all over including ears, paws, and toes to make grooming easier for you, your pet, and our groomers
  • If your pet ever shows signs of being uncomfortable, STOP. Grooming of any kind, whether it is in a professional salon or at home, should be a good experience!
a maine coon cat being brushed


What is matting? Mats are densely packed tangles that create clumps in your pet’s coat and can pull at their skin. Mats in the fur can be very painful. Regular professional grooming appointments help prevent matting! If you are grooming your pet at home and find mats, do not try to brush or cut them out. Animals' skin is very sensitive and pushing them past their limit can create a negative experience with brushing and grooming. Instead, call to schedule with one of our professional groomers as soon as possible.

If long-haired pets go too long without regular brushing or grooming, this can lead to severe matting and the only option may be to shave your pet down. Severe matting can be extremely painful, cut off blood supply, and deny regular air circulation to their skin making a perfect hiding place for parasites. This can cause animals to develop severe wounds and make them more susceptible to overheating or getting frostbite.

If your pet needs to be shaved due to matting, one of our pet stylists will be sure that it is addressed appropriately, after consulting you. A dog’s skin is very thin, and can often become loose due to matting. Our professional groomers always approach these situations with care and patience.


On average regular grooming should be done every 4-6 weeks for dogs, and every 6-8 weeks for cats.


Did you know that some dogs have fur while others have hair? This means that each dog can have unique grooming needs in order to support healthy and new growth and prevent matting. Schedule a consultation with one of our groomers to learn how often your pet should visit the salon to optimize their health!