Dog Boarding Preparation in Crown Point, IN

Preparation is key to ensuring that your pet has an enjoyable boarding experience while you’re away. At Coyne Veterinary Center in Crown Point, IN, we offer offer a secure and spacious dog boarding facility complete with attentive staff members, skilled veterinarians, and plenty of opportunities for your pet to play and enjoy healthy interaction with our team. Your companion deserves to be treated with the care and affection they regularly receive at home!

Even dogs that are more prone to anxiety can, with practice and patience, become more at ease when staying in an unfamiliar place. We encourage you to stop by with your pet for a visit so we can meet them and give you both a tour of our boarding space! Associating boarding with positive experiences will help your dog relax and make boarding in general much easier for them.

We have plenty of tips you can use to help your canine get ready for their boarding stay, whether they’re new to boarding or well accustomed to the process. Read on!

dog boarding preparation

Take Care of Vaccinations

A good-quality dog boarder will always require proof that your dog has had all of his shots. If your dog isn’t up to date on vaccinations, make sure to schedule a vet visit a few weeks before you need to board him. This will give your dog plenty of time to adjust to the vaccinations and get over his trip to the vet before being left at the boarder.

Dogs should have vaccinations for all communicable dog diseases before boarding. This includes rabies, distemper, parvo, kennel cough, and more. Speak with your veterinarian for more information about which vaccinations your dog will need before boarding.

Get Your Dog’s Belongings Together Early

When your dog stays at a boarding facility, even just for one night, he will need some of his belongings to travel with him. Boarding facilities require pet owners to supply the right type and amount of food for the stay, and may request that you send a little extra just in case. You should also be ready to send along some of your dog’s favorite treats. While we’re happy to provide meals for our guests, you should bring your pet’s food from home if they’ve been prescribed a special diet. Please include feeding times and amounts with your pet’s food, and any other instructions you think we might need.

Don’t forget to bring your dog’s vet records as well. He will also need his collar, leash, a name tag, and any other tags required by your state, such as a rabies license tag.

If your pet takes medication, please bring it along and include clear, written instructions for our technicians and assistants to follow. Any medications must also be in their original containers.

We ask that you refrain from bringing any bedding or toys from home, as items can get lost or damaged.

Don’t Panic

The most important thing to remember when dropping your dog off at our boarding facility is to stay calm yourself.  If you’re nervous or upset about it—your dog will sense it. Your dog is very quick to pick up on your emotions, sensing any hesitation or worry upon dropping off may stress your dog. Remaining calm and confident in the level of care and attention given to your dog will go a long way when leaving him with us. Your dog will thank you for it!

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through this advice, you can put some of it into practice. You know your dog best, so you know what will work for him and what might not. Change what you need to and alter these tips to help give your dog the best possible boarding experience the next time you go away from home.

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