Pets Available for Adoption



My name is Dancer! I'm a spayed female and I'm only 1 and 1/2 years young! I love to be pet and my favorite activity is curling under all of the coziest blankets to nap. I hope I can come home with you!



My name is Prancer! I'm a neutered male and I'm only 1 and 1/2 years young! I'm very friendly and I love my sisters Cupid and Dancer. My favorite thing to do is explore and get lots of head scratches.



My name is Cupid! I'm a spayed female and I'm only 1 and 1/2 years young! I like to tell stories and people tell me I look identical to my sister Dancer. I also love to burrow deep into fluffy blankets to nap!



My name is Lemon, I'm a little girl, and I'm 4 months old! I love to be close to you and I have a purr that never stops! My favorite thing is rubbing up against people's faces and standing on my hind legs to lean my head on theirs!



My name is Lime! I'm 4 months old and an a neutered male. String toys are my absolute favorite thing to play with and I will chase and jump at them them for hours!



Hi, I'm Kiwi and I am a 4-month-old girl. I love looking out windows and spending some quality one on one time with people! Back scratches are my favorite. I also love to cuddle with my siblings.

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