Rachel W.

I first got introduced to Coyne Vet Center when I job shadowed Dr. Barenie through my vocational class in high school. I job shadowed her for three days. I also met Dr. Szalay while I was there. Dr. Szalay opened my eyes to possibly working at Coyne as a Kennel Attendant that way I could get more experience. I went through all the steps and here I am, working at Coyne! I have always wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals and I think being able to help them would be the best job ever. Working here has really made me confident that becoming a veterinarian is truly what I want to do. I want all owners to know that our pets love us day in and day out, no matter what mood you’re in, what you look like, or what kind of a day you have had, so try to love THEM as much as they love you.

If Rachel could defy the laws of nature she would breed together her two favorite animals a wolf and a shark. This would make the furriest fish in the sea or a very large wolf with a mouth full of huge shark teeth. She would name it the “Warkf”.

Every year when Rachel and her family go on a fishing trip and on the last day of the trip, her family has a tradition of jumping into the lake. All of them must jump in.