Hannah S.

Since I was very young I’ve always wanted to be a vet, and now beginning my path to vet school by working here is such an incredible experience that I am very grateful for. Hopefully, I’ll be starting my undergrad in Animal Sciences next fall. I love working with dogs and cats and can’t wait to be able to help them medically.

If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be, and why?
If I could have any animal in the world, it would be a horse. I’ve always loved horses and actually used to take riding lessons. I would absolutely love to have enough space to own one!
Do you currently have any pets? What are their names and what is your favorite thing about them? 
Currently, I have two dogs, Ellie (a shetland sheepdog) and Rex (a European Doberman), 3 indoor cats, Tom, Jerry, and Oreo, one barn cat named Dash, and a few chickens. My favorite thing about the dogs is how incredibly smart they both are and my favorite thing about the cats is, well…that they’re cats. Cats are the best!
What do you find most rewarding about working with animals?
The most rewarding thing about working with animals is definitely gaining the trust of any animal, but more specifically the animals that are timid and sometimes even mean around people.